12 noon – 12 midnight

Thursday 6 June 1996

Julian Stallabrass, Orphan Drift, Keith Arnatt, Uli Aigner, Polskadavians (Tony Green and Ian Hinchliffe), Ronald Fraser Munro and Jeremy Blank, Patricia Scanlan, PUT PUT, Debbie Booth, Wayne Lloyd and Laurence Harvey, Trebor Sholz, Laboratory of Art Technology, Strike (Siraj Izhar, John Thomson, Alison Craighead)


A 12 hour event of excess, incomparable violence, greed and incontinence, ubiquity, vast knowledge and warlike nature curated by Nosepaint.


£3 day membership. Entrance with invitation only. Admits 2.


GARGANTUA manufactured mass culture by Julian Stallabrass will be launched 6-8pm.


Programme details 0171 793 7317


Supported by Verso, Lambeth Environmental Services, Finlandia, London Arts Board.