The Beaconsfield Collection

The Collection is part of Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall’s (BGV) identity, reflecting the organisation’s ethos and the quality and diversity of its artistic projects.

By buying or pledging a piece of work, you will be supporting BGV Commissions and helping to safeguard the future of the charity.  To find out how to buy or pledge contact our team. 



Artists in the Collection:

  • Anna Best
  • Franko B
  • Tony Carter
  • Edward Chell
  • Julie Clark
  • Keith Coventry
  • Andrea Crociani
  • Mikey Cuddihy
  • Shane Cullen
  • Judith Dean
  • Mark Dean
  • Alexa de Ferranti
  • Robert Ellis
  • Edwina Fitzpatrick
  • Matt Hale
  • Ian Hinchliffe
  • Rachel Howard
  • Heidi Kilpeläinen
  • Liz Murray
  • Hayley Newman
  • Monika Oechsler
  • Peter Owen
  • Tamsin Pender
  • Monica Ross
  • Naomi Siderfin
  • Bob & Roberta Smith
  • Shozo Shimamoto
  • Dafna Talmor
  • Caroline Todd
  • Thomas Yeomans