Who We Are

Over 26 years Beaconsfield has grown as an artist-led centre of excellence, led by charitable objectives to advance public education in and through contemporary art. To fulfil these objectives through its own unique vision, Beaconsfield offers the remaining wing of the historic Lambeth Ragged Schools as a resource for artists and audiences to experience high quality (‘beacon’), challenging, new art works in a wide range (‘field’) of contemporary visual art media, through commissions, group exhibitions, performances, publications and cultural events that contribute to the public understanding of key debates and developments in contemporary art and culture. Our custodianship of the heritage building continues in the tradition of its original purpose as an educational community resource. We provide reflective spaces in which people of all ages and abilities can adjust their perspective through the surprising ways in which we deliver art and culture.

Beaconsfield is not only a gallery but a making space and commissioning new art works is our core activity. The facility to offer large, physical spaces for material experimentation has been one means by which we produce ground-breaking contemporary art: ‘It was like being allowed to fly’ (Judith Dean, artist).

Nurtured by Arts Council England and the government Department of Culture, Media and Sport for its role as an experimental art laboratory, the charity has developed its cultural centre, supported by self-generated income, private donations, Trusts and Foundations. Current development priorities aim to fulfil our potential as a National Centre for the Research and Development of Contemporary Art.


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