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7 March – 22 April 2018

Wednesday – Sunday 11am-5pm

Preview: Wednesday 7 March, 6.30-8.30pm

Jonna Kina in conversation with Ryan Blakeley: Saturday 10 March at 2pm


Somnivm incorporates new filmic and sculptural works by Jonna Kina, whose project has been stimulated by the landscape of the marble industry, its connection to the history of anarchism and contemporary stone-working techniques.

The chopped mountains of Carrara, sculpted in time, lose the trace of human activity through an act of erasure in seemingly documentary footage. Filmed observation of the quarries is processed during post-production, in order to produce new images without the presence of action relating to the contemporary industry: elements such as vehicles, machines, cables, containers etc. are erased from the scenes. The absence created by these modifications, opens up the footage to poetic or post-human readings, and in so doing, perhaps makes reference to an anarchist uprising by quarry workers, that took place at the end of the 19th century.

Retractor hydrobag offers insight to both classical statuary and the industrial methods of the marble quarries. The sculpture replicates a used, iron retractor hydrobag – a tool employed in the quarries to separate up to 200 tons of stone from the mountain wall – making a connection to readymade objects of the industry and the conditions of resting and dreaming: a popular motif of the antique and beyond.


The title SOMNIVM refers to one of the first works of science fiction by the same name from 1608, authored by the scientist Johannes Kepler.

JONNA KINA (b.1984) is the first recipient of BELOW ZERO – a new contemporary art prize launched in 2017 by the Finnish Institute and Beaconsfield and made possible by a patron. The Finnish Institute in London and Beaconsfield. The commission is enabled by a private donation, supported by Arts Council England, Arts Promotion Centre of Finland, AVEK, Frame Finland, Paulon Foundation and Visek.

Jonna Kina SOMNIVM Visitor Text

Jonna Kina in conversation with Ryan Blakeley, Beaconsfield Gallery, 10 March 2018, available to listen here.


Artist in Residence with Beaconsfield, January–March 2018

Jonna Kina’s gallery studio was open to the public on Thursdays and Saturdays, 2-5pm and by appointment

Emerging from Finland into the international arena, Jonna Kina was invited to work within Beaconsfield’s tradition of outward facing, public residency. Artists are encouraged to respond to the unique physical character of the venue and the distinctive creative identity of Beaconsfield. Visual and audio field work carried out by Kina at the site, constituted the raw material for the Below Zero commission, developed during the artist’s residency with Beaconsfield.  A catalogue will be published to celebrate the prize.

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