#DoingItInPublic | Paloma Proudfoot

belittle, Paloma Proudfoot

Against the rigid order of the market rhythms, what emerges as by-products in the peripheries, seams and off-times?

Every morning flowers discarded from the market will be
brought to the gallery. Through performance with artist and choreographer Aniela Piasecka, they will be composed together with Proudfoot’s ceramic sculpture and removed by the end of each day. Putting out for display and packing down will become a metaphor for the wider Nine Elms development, with its persistent focus on demolishing and rebuilding. Looking historically at the original Covent Garden market, the performances will also look to evoke the alternative culture that thrived in the pubs that opened doors at 6am; the cafes selling breakfasts at midnight to the traders alongside clubbed out revellers, and the debauchery the traders became infamous for.