Andrew Pierre Hart
in residence from 18 February 2021 with guests
Serena Huang \ Shabaka Hutchings \ Kanika Carr \ Tic Zogson

1:1 exchange w/Andrew Hart is an improvisatory alternative Art School for the moment.

Week 1
20-21 February: ‘Hart and Huang pt9’ with Serena Huang

Andrew Hart’s Beaconsfield residency kicked off with an invitation to trusted collaborator Serena Huang to join him at work – and at distance – in Beaconsfield’s voluminous Upper Gallery. Hart and Huang have been thinking through strategies for the decolonisation of spaces through art practice and were able to explore some of their ideas through a blend of Serena’s ‘Theatrical Entanglements’ and Andrew’s ‘Crossmodal’ approach to making. The site-specific video work Hart and Huang pt9 is the latest in a series: a combination of digital drawing, painting, sound, video props, light and performativity.

Week 2
26-28 February: ‘Dimensionality/modality studies’ with Shabaka Hutchings.

Shabaka and Hart present a snippet of the 1:1 musical exchanges in this recording of an impromptu jam session with drum machines, drum pad synths, sound files and video footage.

Working with the volume and heady acoustic of the former Victorian school room that is Beaconsfield’s Upper space, Shabaka had the opportunity to  practice and experiment with his saxaphone, clarinet, flute and Mexican clay flute. Jamming with Andrew, alongside painting, the two were able to share a wide range of knowledge from music theory to esoteric ideas around dimensionality.

Week 3
4-7 March: Movement structures with Kanika Carr.

‘Our days were spent in dialogue around ballet in relation to teaching practices and methodology. Kanika shared her knowledge of the practice and history of ballet as a dance discipline and we explored ideas around movement structures and their evaluation.’

Week 4
11-14 March: Body Linguistics with Tic Zogson.

Tic and Andrew have worked together for twenty years. Tic is a linguist, rhythmologist, musician and music specialist. He has worked with FKA Twigs, numerous bands, groups and musicians worldwide and has performed his Body Linguistic sound at various events organised by Andrew Hart. Their days at Beaconsfield were inspired by Jacques Derrida and Fred Moten and they explored notions of breathe, voice, Chant Duration, movement, performance and traditional group music. Other powerful references were  Ben Patterson  and The ‘Don’ Don Cherry.