Compass Collective is a charity dedicated to supporting the integration of young refugees and asylum seekers into the UK through the arts. By delivering a range of projects in theatre, music, and film, along with arts-led professional development programs, Compass Collective plays a crucial role in helping these young individuals build resilience and find their place within the community. The organization specifically focuses on assisting unaccompanied minor refugees and young asylum seekers, offering them a unique blend of creative avenues to express themselves and develop new skills. The primary goal of Compass Collective is to strengthen communities, foster resilience, and facilitate the integration of people seeking sanctuary into the UK. Annually, they support approximately 500 young people aged between 14 to 26, hailing from over 28 locations across the UK. A significant portion of these individuals, about 70%, are unaccompanied minors at the initial stages of their immigration journey. To maximize their impact, Compass Collective engages in collaborative efforts, connecting with various organizations and establishing partnerships. They work alongside charities, including the British Red Cross, and arts organizations such as Shakespeare’s Globe. These collaborations aim to provide a platform for cultural sharing and celebration, furthering Compass Collective’s mission to promote integration and community cohesion through the arts.