Federico Clavarino


Federico Clavarino

In the Flesh (RGB)

Triptych: c-type prints, 100×125 cm each, hung with darkroom magnets 

Booklet: laser printed, four pages

It has been suggested that the first time we experienced an image as a species was when we first saw a corpse. We were faced with something that was as present in flesh as it was absent in spirit. These photographs of meat are not images of corpses, as there is no likeness of an animal to be beheld. The body parts seen here evoke other things: a stomach is a shroud, a head is a bust, the tongue is a snake. 

This is photography’s trick. It does not produce copies of what we see but rather speaks to us of the potential things have of becoming something else. We are taught that by taking a photograph we are producing the trace of an event, but photographic processes might actually work as traps that lure us into establishing new relations with ourselves and our surroundings