Kristin Luke

Photo by Anna Autio

Kristin Luke (b.1984, Los Angeles, lives in Snowdonia) is an artist whose sculptural, written, filmic and communal work span the themes of radical pedagogy, utopia, feminist resistance, and the archive’s role in forming knowledge and power systems. Her work, including her ongoing collaboration with Minna Haukka, The Mobile Feminist Library, have been included in programmes at Forum Box (Helsinki), Mostyn (Llandudno), the De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill on Sea), Somerset House (London), ANDOR (London), Bas Fisher Invitational (Miami), and New Shelter Plan (Copenhagen). She helped revive the journal Schooling & Culture in collaboration with May Day Rooms and The Showroom, and was an Open School East associate.

Instagram @kristinjluke