7 July 2021
Nooks and Corners, No 1551

‘First, London Fire Brigade and developer U+I were sent back to the drawing board by local government secretary Robert Jenrick over their horrible plans for their grade II-listed former HQ building at 8 Albert Embankment (Eyes passim). Jenrick followed the advice of the planning inspectorate in rejecting the scheme to squeeze two 20-plus-storey towers on to the site because of the heritage harms and the fact that the enormous buildings would cause “an unacceptable increase in gloominess” for other residents in the neighbourhood”.’

23 June 2021

Against all odds we, the people on the ground–Rule 6 parties Beaconsfield, Lambeth Village and Garden Museum led by our chief advocate Michael Ball– have been heard!

The Secretary of State has agreed with the Planning Inspector’s conclusions and recommendations and has decided to REFUSE Planning Permission at 8 Albert Embankment.

We won!

We want to express heartfelt THANKS to all those in our community–friends, neighbours and interested parties–who spoke up, contributed funds and supported the case during the Public Inquiry. Without your action, this would not have been possible!

Read the Final Decision letter, Inspector’s Report and Right to Challenge advice note.

Jenrick rejects Pilbrow & Partners’ plans for former London Fire Brigade HQ  Architects Journal


Letter from Untitled (The Cat)

15 June 2021

We await a decision from the Secretary of State Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP on whether 8 Albert Embankment gets planning permission or not.

You can support Inquiry by sending a line to Sadiq Khan – to say that he should withdraw his planning application in view of the very substantial loss of daylight below the BRE 27% vertical sky component recommended by the London Assembly just last week in a motion moved by Sian Berry of the Green Party and seconded by Neil Garratt of the Conservatives.

13 June 2021
The Observer: ‘Our kids need daylight’: families fight the towers leaving UK homes in shadow

‘Hussein’s home, a flat in a 1930s council block in Lambeth, south London, is at the heart of a row over two planned blocks on the site of the former London fire brigade headquarters on Albert Embankment.

Campaigners and planning experts warn that Hussein’s situation is just one example of the threat of loss of daylight facing people living in Britain’s cities.’

See The Observer article by Harriet Grant here

11 June 2021
Sian Berry’s motion on six hours of sunlight

Great news – Sian Berry’s motion on six hours of sunlight, presented at the London Assembly Plenary meeting, was passed!

Her motion focussed one of the issues at the heart of the recent Public Inquiry into overdevelopment in our Conservation area:

‘The Assembly calls on the Mayor to amend his London Plan…to include a requirement that London’s green spaces receive six hours of daylight on the two equinoxes each year and to retain the BRE guidance on daylight levels (Vertical Sky Component) at 27 per cent.’

You can watch her Sian Berry’s motion here

April 2021
Public Inquiry Easter Update 

Following the extensive Public Inquiry into 8 Albert Embankment and inappropriate development in North Lambeth (just before Christmas) we have confirmation that the Planning Inspector has now submitted his report to Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. We are told to expect a decision by 21 June 2021.

You have been such a great support to date in this campaign and it would be amazing if we could give one more push to help Rt Hon Robert Jenrick make his decision in the right direction.

What is at stake if we lose:

  • a top level policy decision that will set the bar for unacceptable daylight levels in people’s homes and parks across London
  • a top level policy decision about land use in central London
  • confirmation that it’s OK to override Local Planning Policy when the money is right
  • confirmation that it’s OK to mess with our World Heritage sites when the money is right
  • thumbs up to uninhabited skyscrapers across London – mostly owned by foreign investors
  • Beaconsfield art space and community garden plunged into half-light forever.

If you would rather NOT see any of the above happening you can simply ask Right Hon Robert Jenrick to make the decision to reject the 8 Albert Embankment Planning Application here

Appeal Reference APP/N5660/V/20/3254203

Find guidance for your personal letter here

…and follow this link to read what the media are writing here.

To watch the drama of the Lambeth Virtual Inquiry 2020 click here

By ordering a Public Inquiry the government identified a lack of respect for community, heritage and culture. Beaconsfield took ‘Rule 6’ status in the Inquiry and joined together with the Garden Museum and Lambeth Village to defend culture, heritage and daylight.

Ask Right Hon Robert Jenrick to make the decision to reject the 8 Albert Embankment Planning Application here

Appeal Reference APP/N5660/V/20/3254203

Thank you for adding your voice.


18 March 2021

As we await the outcome of the Public Inquiry into development at 8 Albert Embankment, our friends at the Garden Museum are taking action to address a massive hole in local and national planning guidance to protect sunlight in our parks, playgrounds and wildlife green spaces.

Astonishingly, during our campaign we discovered that a standard of 2 hours sunlight for 50% of the area was applied to our neighbouring park Old Paradise Gardens, a benchmark that was actually designed for the space between buildings such as car parks!

Garden Museum launched a petition and already it has nearly 7000 signatures!

Please add your support and sign here.

We look forward to welcoming people back to Beaconsfield’s own Community Garden!

5 March 2021
‘Nooks and Corners’ – We are in Private Eye!

‘The decision comes as people in Lambeth await a decision on the former London Fire Brigade (LFB) HQ, 8 Albert Embankment, where a potentially splendid restoration of the grade II-listed art deco riverside building is sadly accompanied by two grotesque towers, of 26 and 24 storeys, in the plans submitted by LFB and its development partner U+I (Eyes passim). The site is just across the Thames from the UNESCO world heritage Westminster site and close to grade I-listed Lambeth Palace.

A planning inquiry finished hearing evidence on 18 December, with a decision not expected until spring. In the meantime, U+I announced in January that it is reviewing all its projects after making a £50 half-year loss.’

‘Nooks and Corners,’ Private Eye, No. 1542, 5 March – 18 March 2021.


In June 2020 Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government called for a Public Inquiry into overdevelopment in North Lambeth (8 Albert Embankment scheme) due to the extent of public concern. 

Beaconsfield’s Rule 6 status in Public Inquiry 2020 here

‘Rule 6’ allows ordinary people to get their voices heard at a Public Inquiry. Beaconsfield has taken Rule 6 status in the Inquiry together with the Garden Museum and Lambeth Village to defend public access to daylight, sunlight, green spaces, heritage buildings and heritage views.