The MaHoMe project, titled “Making it Home: An Aesthetic Methodological Contribution to the Study of Migrant Home-Making and Politics of Integration,” generously funded by NordForsk. This initiative takes an innovative stance on the challenges of migration and integration by delving into the ways in which migrants establish and conceptualize home within the intricate and varying politics of integration across three host societies: the UK, Denmark, and Sweden. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses multi-sited ethnographic methods, the project integrates critical discourse analysis, visual ethnography, and participatory aesthetic methods. This novel methodology allows for an in-depth analysis of comparative-historical perspectives  on integration policy-making alongside narratives of migrant home-making. Furthermore, it incorporates participatory aesthetic methods that emphasize migrant contemporary cultural expressions. Through visual imagery and soundscapes sourced from smartphones, the MaHoMe project aims to empirically engage with migrants’ experiences and expressions of home and home-making, offering a unique lens through which to understand these processes.