24 hours under the arch

University of Reading – Department of Art at Beaconsfield

12 – 14 January 2015
Public view: Tuesday 13 January 2015, 6 – 8pm
Arch, Lower Gallery and Yard

Undergraduate students from the Department of Art at the University of Reading engage with Beaconsfield’s mentoring programme to curate their own exhibition.

  • Youssra Manlaykhaf
  • Dominique Green
  • Katie Rose Murphy
  • Deborah Olakigbe
  • Amy Pucell
  • Michaela Efford
  • Zih-Jyun Chao
  • Molly Green
  • Hannah White
  • Hannah Jones
  • Amber Durrant
  • Natasha Woolliams
  • Jacob Millard
  • Katty Lamb
  • Mia Willis
  • Adam Stead
  • Paige Clayton
  • Jo Morton
  • Amy Powell
  • Alia Coleman
  • Eleanor Mae Tucker

24 hours under the arch reflects Beaconsfield’s ongoing commitment to mentoring emergent artists.

Beaconsfield offers a large and well-designed laboratory space, a stone’s throw from Westminster, for artists, curators and lay people from all backgrounds to experience art. Beaconsfield acts as a unique test-bed and primary research vehicle informing theories of curatorial practice and the practice of making art.

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