Art & Compromise (IV) – 15mm Films

Wednesday 6 May at 2pm
free entry but booking essential

A series of lectures conceived by Beaconsfield in collaboration with City & Guilds of London Art School.

The 20th century concept of the artist as a politically alienated idealist has undergone significant shifts in recent years. Is there any form of moral obligation still within art’s purpose? What price integrity? Can the negotiations of compromise be catalysts for creative invention?

15mm Films is a collective of disability artists – Aaron Williamson, Katherine Araniello, Laurence Harvey, Simon Raven, Juliet Robson and Philip Ryder – based in the UK who take an experimental approach to collaboration in their delivery of visual art works.

15mm Films follows the social model of disability and the main barrier to social inclusion, the one that we target, is the normative world’s perception and prejudices about us… We make irreverent, anarchic comedies representative of ‘crip humour’ in general, while also being willing to formally experiment; a factor that marks us out as maverick misfits in relation to the disability arts community itself.

Aaron Williamson, Artistic Director.

Members of the collective will be in conversation with Monica Ross.

The Art & Compromise series, delivered in partnership with City & Guilds of London Art School, addresses the various forms and occasions when compromise might enter into art-practice and the criteria that might be used to condemn or commend these effects. 15mm Films follows excellent presentations in the series by artist Gustav Metzger, Contemporary Art Society Director, Paul Hobson and Director of Autograph ABP, Mark Sealy.

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