Material Conjectures: Asymmetrical Cinema

with Amanda Beech and Alan Clarke

15 May – 8 June 2013

Wednesday-Saturday, 11am–5pm

…From beneath his overcoat the man produces a sawn off shotgun. BANG! Nearby forceful words in upper case and images of brutal architectures replace each other on a screen. Over this is a conversation between two protagonists through which the asymmetry of culture and nature is exposed…

Material Conjectures is the co-authored project of artist Dale Holmes and curator Kirsten Cooke and Asymmetrical Cinema the title of their new exhibition. Conceived for Beaconsfield’s Arch gallery, discrete sculptural structures augment the existing architecture of the space and facilitate a cinematic experience.

Dale Holmes, Asymmetrical Cinema (detail)Asymmetrical Cinema draws from the debates surrounding the real in art and presents a material philosophy to challenge the systemic nature of image consumption.



Asymmetrical Cinema: Act 1 15–31 May
Act 1 screens Alan Clarke’s film Elephant (1989) and Amanda Beech’s video work Sanity Assassin (2010).

Asymmetrical Cinema: Interval Friday 31 May from 6pm 

The Interval is an intervention between the exhibition’s two Acts, marking the closing of Asymmetrical Cinema: Act 1 and the opening of Act 2. This discursive event will simultaneously celebrate the exhibition and launch Material Conjectures’ publication Asymmetrical Cinema.

Asymmetrical Cinema: Act 2 31 May – 8 June
Act 2 features two new projections by Material Conjectures, Solar Elephant (2013) and Black Plastic (2013) presented in response to Act 1. Amanda Beech’s Sanity Assassin and Alan Clarke’s Elephant continue to be available as part of the FlatScreen programme in the Lower Space.


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Top: Amanda Beech, Sanity Assassin, 2010, photography by Stuart Bunce, image courtesy the artist
Lower: Dale Holmes, Asymmetrical Cinema (detail), May 2013, image courtesy the artist