B_T4 Shahin Entezami aka TEGH


from Friday 26 March 2021


(For full sonic experience we recommend using audio headphones)

One of the most exciting electronic sound artists in Iran, Shahin Entezami aka Tegh, offers a personal narrative of the global pandemic as experienced in his home city of Tehran. 

Translating the stress and dark thoughts associated with his own experience of contracting Covid-19, the commissioned sound work – a single long track in several movements – takes its pace from events happening without preface.

To own a copy of this unique work, you can purchase a high quality download of the new electronic composition SINK – available exclusively from Beaconsfield at bandcamp.

A limited edition Vinyl of this unique collaboration is released in February 2022 (edition of 20) with a B-side response by BAW.

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SINK_VESSEL 12″ Vinyl (limited edition of 20) is available for purchase at £65

SINK composed and recorded in Iran by Shahin Entezami aka Tegh. VESSEL composed and recorded in England by A.David Crawforth & Naomi Siderfin aka BAW. Mastered by Michael Lawrence aka The Bricoleur. Lathe cut vinyl by Bladud Flies! Commissioned and produced by Beaconsfield 2021/22.

Information about the Sonic Installation 16 February – 7 May 2022

About his Beaconsfield commission Shahin wrote from Tehran:

I’m seeking to create a sound experience in which I can express my personal narrative of facing the pandemic, the series of sad events taking place in the world during the past months, and especially our country—my own contraction of the virus and confrontation with those feelings on an extreme level. I would like to translate how I got hit by an outburst of emotions, and how my understanding of some of those emotional concepts has changed, in turn transforming them into a sonic world in order to share these personal experiences. Putting my audience in a position where they can listen to an interpretation of sensations that most of us have been through during the past months may bring up moments in which mutual feelings, understandings, and joint expressions can be processed.

SINK is commissioned by Beaconsfield as the fourth in the series Beacon_Transitions: a lockdown experiment wherein a virtual portal is opened by Beaconsfield for artists to explore. Supported by DCMS Cultural Recovery Fund.

Shahin writes more about SINK

About the artist Shahin Entezami aka Tegh

You can purchase your limited edition Vinyl of SINK_VESSEL now : B-side by BAW (released February 2022)