Courage to Refuse

Katie Barlow/John Buckley/David Crawforth/Shane Cullen

Gallery Two Flat-screen

20 January – 15 March 2009
11am – 4pm

Courage to Refuse unifies documentary footage (Barlow) from Jenin and Israel fused with a Hebrew transcription (Buckley/Cullen) of the 638 members of the military who form the resistance group Courage to Refuse. The visual component has a sonic accompaniment (Crawforth) offsetting the original sounds recorded in the Middle East. The text, sound and moving image are rendered to reflect the radical contrasts and tensions existing in today’s Israeli-Palestinian territories.

Katie Barlow, John Buckley, David Crawforth and Shane Cullen were commissioned by Beaconsfield in 2006 to present a collaborative work under the umbrella of the Culture & Conflict Group (established Chicago 1998). Courage to Refuse, the DVD was first presented at Emily Tsingou Gallery as part of A Selected State.

Beaconsfield Commissions 2006