Test Bed 1: RELLA – Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning

Upper Gallery 1 & Canteen Gallery 2

23 March – 11 April
Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm
On-Site Residencies open to the public

RELLA Closing Event: Sunday 11 April 2010 3-9 pm

This is the first occasion on which artists Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning have collaborated.

In-residence in the Upper Gallery for three weeks, the two will use the space as a flexible studio base from which to produce a new work with a screen-based element. Their project takes the cult film Barbarella, directed by Roger Vadim and starring Jane Fonda, as a touchstone for an engagement with notions of time. Work in progress and other related screenings/events will be developed in relation to the FlatScreen in the Canteen Gallery and will also utilise the space around it, taking into account its function as a cafe. They envisage using the Upper space to make props and stage events or actions for the purpose of filming. They have basic cameras and sound equipment, and the means to edit…


…there arises the idea of a backwards–forwards movement, an oscillation between nostalgia for the past and anticipation of the future. It seems there is not enough time to be here, now… how do we speak of a past/present/future when they are all happening simultaneously?

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Visitors are welcome to view the artists at work and will later be invited to participate in RELLA.

Lucy Working, Upper Space

The residency will culminate in a series of events to be announced shortly, including an Empathy Workshop, Knitting A Sea Of Consciousness Circle, A Culminating Day & Night of Screenings & Performances.

Three week low impact work out in space.

RELLA: Upper Space, residency detail









TestBed 1 is produced as part of Beaconsfield’s curatorial mentoring scheme for emerging artist-curators. Mentees: Dafna Talmor and Joseph Walsh. Beaconsfield is the central London site dedicated to providing a critical space for creative enquiry.

Beaconsfield Commissions 2010


Top (1&2): TestBed 1: Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning, RELLA, 2010, residency research
Lower (3&4): TestBed 1: Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning, Rella, 2010, Upper Space residency details