Disorders 15th-16th August 1996

15th-16th August 1996

Event taking place at St Thomas’ Hospital, produced by Beaconsfield and curated by Nosepaint: a collaboration between invited artists, the management, staff and patients of St Thomas’ Hospital and Beaconsfield to intervene, record and comment upon the ongoing battle with mortality over a cycle of 24 hours. The project takes place to celebrate the launch of the Guys and St Thomas’ Sleep Centre, the first unit for research, diagnosis and treatment of the full range of sleep disorders. Work includes performance, site-specific installation, video and sound by Kirsty Alexander & Paul Burwell, Anne Bean, John Carson, Sarah Cole, David Cunningham, Bruce Gilchrist, Matthias Jackisch, Michal Klega, Rona Lee, Alastair Maclennan, Guillaume Paris, Sonja Zelic.