Ellie Harrison: Early Warning Signs

1 January – 31 December 2014

The work has temporarily moved next-door to the pop-up Sculpture Garden next to Beaconsfield on the corner of Black Prince Road and Newport Street, Vauxhall SE11 6AB. Click here for more information.

Beaconsfield has adopted an Early Warning Sign – Sign 1/4, yellow on black – by British artist Ellie Harrison, for the duration of 2014.

Click here to read the project manual.

Initiated at Two Degrees festival in 2011, the project aims to allow the four rotating ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ signs she produced for the festival to continue to promote their cause long into the future. Each autumn, four new host venues are invited to ‘adopt a sign’, agreeing to keep it on public display for the following year. Early Warning Signs is an ongoing project by Ellie Harrison.

Probably the first and only visual arts organisation in London to be powered exclusively by green electricity, Beaconsfield has quietly operated environmentally sustainable policies for more than ten years. Giving a home to the Early Warning Sign throughout 2014 raises a shout for our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Sign 1/4 finds a home at the site entrance along with the Beaconsfield wormery, large-scale rainwater harvester and our sustainably-built and volunteer-maintained roof garden.

Image: Ellie Harrison, Early Warning Signs, 2011, Sign 1/4 in situ at Beaconsfield 2014, image courtesy the artist and Beaconsfield