This last May, for the fifth year running, Beaconsfield was scheduled to host Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and to co-present the brand new exhibition Foam Talent 2020 in London. This all changed with Covid19.

Instead, we are delighted to support Foam Talent | Digital 2020

Foam presents a new, all-access online exhibition.

Foam Talent | Digital launches on 19 November and is free to access internationally.
Enter: Foam Digital Exhibition here

Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam presents a unique digital exhibition celebrating the works of young artists sha­ping the future of photography. The exhibition Foam Talent | Digital is a new multi-media platform that showcases artist projects supported by audio, video and effects. This unique experience is an addition to the existing Foam Talent programme consisting of the annual Talent issue of Foam Ma­gazine and the touring Foam Talent exhibition.

Presenting a new generation of young photographers, Foam Talent | Digital 2020:

Aadesokan (Nigeria) @manqbt
Sofia Borges (Brazil) @sofiadborges
Adji Dieye (Senegal/Italy) No lnstagram
Rahima Gamba(Nigeria) @rahrahhima
Karla Hiraldo Voleau (France/Dominican Republic) @karla.voleau
Benoit Jeannet (Switzerland) @benoitjeannet
Luther Konadu (Canada/Ghana) No lnstagram
Matthew Leifheit (United States) @matte life
Douglas Mandry (Switzerland) @douglasmandry
Philip Montgomery (United States) @philipmontgomery
Camillo Pasquarelli (Italy) @camillopasquarelli
Simone Sapienza (Italy) @bonsaimon
Micha Serraf (Zimbabwe/South Africa) @michaserraf
Hashem Shakeri (Iran) @hashemshakeri
Gao Shang (China) @gaoshangmx
Kamonlak Sukchai (Thailand) @kamonlak.sukchai
Guanyu Xu (China/United States) @xuguanyu
Yorgos Yatromanolakis (Greece) @yorgos.yatromanolakis
Alba Zari (Italy/Thailand) @albazari

About Foam Talent

Each year, Foam invites photographers to submit their portfolios via the Foam Talent Call, an inter­national search for exceptionally talented photographers under the age of 35. Selected photograp­hers gain international exposure and recognition within the photography industry through a number of career-building opportunities offered by Foam.


From the series PVC Meaty, 2018 © Aàdesokan / courtesy of the artist.

From the series Tatsuniya © Rahima Gamba / courtesy of the artist.

A Pre-Archaeology of the Hawaiian Myth, from the series Escape from Paradise, 2019 © Benoit Jeannet / courtesy of the artist.

From the series Flashpoints, 2013 – ongoing © Philip Montgomery/ courtesy of the artist.

From the series Charlie Surfs on Lotus Flowers, 2015 – 2018 © Simone Sapienza / courtesy of the artist.

From the series An Elegy for the Death of Hamun, 2018 © Hashem Shakeri / courtesy of the artist.

The rebirth of Red Lotus, from the series Red Lotus, 2019 © Kamonlak Sukchai / courtesy of the artist.

From the series The Splitting of the Chrysalis and the Slow Unfolding of the Wings, 2018 © Yorgos Yatromanolakis / courtesy of the artist.

From the series The Y, 2017 © Alba Zari / courtesy of the artist.