Fraternise : Curators Talk

Wednesday 18 May at 11am:

Fraternise – the Coffee view

Aimed at those with parental commitments during evenings and weekends, this is a coffee morning with Beaconsfield Directors Naomi Siderfin and David Crawforth at hand to advise on works on display.


Saturday 21 May at 2pm:

Fraternise – the Curators Talk

Co-curated by the charity’s artist-trustees, Rachel Howard, Judith Dean and artist-directors David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin, Fraternise – the Salon offers the delight of many artists exhibiting together for the first time and an unusual chance to appreciate the variety of mediums in which contemporary artists work.

Join us for an informal talk as the curators discuss the selection of artists and work on display.

Fraternise – the Salon

Top: Hayley Newman, Domestique (Beaconsfield), 2011, dishcloth, thread
Bottom:Tamsin Pender, Bench, 2003, found object, thread