Gaming in Waziristan

Noor Behram | Butler Brothers | Nooshin Fahrid 

19 July – 5 August, 2011

Tuesday – Friday, 11am-5pm

Exhibition Extended: Thursday & Friday 25/26 August, Thursday 1 September, 11am – 5pm

Thursday 21 July, 6-9pm: Exhibition launch with Clive Stafford Smith in public conversation with Shahzad Akbar on the drone effect.

Friday 29 July, 6.30 – 8.30pmLAST Fridays: Gaming in Waziristan as part of Becks South London Festival of Art Night

Exhibition includes:

Noor Behram, Documents from the Frontier, 2007-2011

A cache of hitherto unseen images taken by a local journalist Noor Behram in the tribal regions of Pakistan reveal the unequal human cost of remotely controlled war machines. Courtesy Reprieve. QuickTime movies compiled by Iben la Cour.

Butler Brothers, The Ethical Governor, 2010

Butler Brothers employ the codes and aesthetics of 3D animation to provide a satirical critique of Western capitalism and its imperialist imperatives. Courtesy John Butler.

Nooshin Farhid, Conic Studies, 2010

Farhid sifts through information-overload to construct elusive collages of moving image, alluding to the structures of power. The Conic Studies series prefigures Conic Trilogy, Fahrid’s major video work engaging with the apparatus of war: to be screened 6 September–16 October, 2011. Courtesy Nooshin Fahrid and the Agency.

The exhibition Gaming in Waziristan is curated by Beaconsfield to deliver a cultural context in which to debate the issues raised by documentary photographs in possession of Reprieve. With special thanks to Alexa de Ferranti, Iben La Cour and Southampton Solent University.

Image: Nooshin Farhid, still from Conic Studies, 2010