Clive Stafford Smith Talk

Exhibition launch with Clive Stafford Smith in conversation with Shahzad Akbar on the Drone effect

Thursday 21 July 6-9pm

According to a recent broadsheet report, within 20 years nearly one third of the RAF could be made up of remotely controlled aircraft (drones); the use of drones by the US air force and CIA in the “War on Terror” has hugely increased on Obama’s watch. What are the implications of conducting war using the ethics of Nintendo?

International human rights lawyer and founder of Reprieve Clive Stafford Smith speaks about recently revealed documentation of drone activity in the North West Frontier province of Pakistan,  along with Pakistani human rights lawyer Shahzad Akbar.

Reprieve will be promoting their new arts initiative “Bugsplat” at the event. (“Bugsplat” is the official term used by the US authorities when human beings are successfully killed with drone missiles).


This talk launches Beaconsfield’s current exhibition, Gaming in Waziristan (19 July – 5 August 2011).


Image: Copyright Noor Behram,  documentary photograph of Syed, aged 8, 2009.