Engineer I – Georgina Batty

19 June 2003 – 30 May 2004
Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6pm

Georgina Batty makes spatial explorations with conventional building materials. For Part One, Batty has architecturally adjusted the volume and perspective of Beaconsfield’s upper gallery to allow access to a normally inaccessible part of the building. She draws attention to the exploitable value of urban space by applying the same restrictive proportions as a standard domestic redevelopment to the gallery.

A Beaconsfield commission.

Engineer is a project in six consecutive parts, beginning in June 2003 and evolving through to the end of May 2004. Over the period, the various exhibition sites at Beaconsfield will be brought into play by individual artists, each new work remaining until the end. Curated by David Crawforth.