GROUND CONTROL artists’ despatches from Lithuania and Britain

29 May-22 June 1997

A collaborative project curated by artist-run spaces Beaconsfield, London and Jutempus, Vilnius, manifesting in exhibitions in London and Vilnius, a book, a web site and live symposium between Beaconsfield and the Baltic Flour Mills in Gateshead. Artists projects focused upon the relationship between ‘East’ and ‘West’ Europe through their experiences as visitors, exploring the implications of travel and global communication and the potential of the artist as commentator and contemporary seer. Fiona Banner, Ceponyte & Ozarinscas, Lucy Gunning, Evaldas Jansas, Linas Liandzbergis, David Mollin, Deimantas Narkevicius, Aturas Raila with Darius Cuita, Scanner, Thomson & Craighead.