IC-98: A View from the Other Side

1 March – 14 April 2012

Thursday – Saturday, 11am-5pm

Closed Easter Week 5/6/7 April

Artists Talk and Reception: Friday 2 March at 6.30pm

Drawing Workshop & Evening View: Friday 30 March, 6-8.30pm

A portico by the river undergoes transformation as hours pass, seasons change and centuries follow each other. This slow-burn, meticulously drawn animation meditates on public space, immigration and neo-liberal city policies.

The cinematic ghost image of the Gyllich Stoa – a controversial early 19th Century neo-classical building in Turku, Finland that has served as fish-market, bazaar, restaurant and petrol station in its time before being left to decay for 20 years – transmutes over 70 minutes in Beaconsfield’s arch space.

This animation is the latest in the body of work Theses on the Body Politic that encompasses collaborations, drawings animations and books. IC-98 asks: How is the multitude
defined? What is the relationship of individuals and groups to a larger entity, be it the state, the market,
or simply architectural space? Other works in the series – Theses on the Body Politic (Riket), 2009 and Theses on the Body Politic (Shadows), 2008/9 – are shown on FlatScreens 1 and 2.


Based in Turku, Finland, IC-98 are Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää who have collaborated since 1998 when they adopted the dual identity.

Beaconsfield’s exhibition of A View from the Other Side is generously supported by The Finnish Institute in London. With thanks to Arto Korhonen and Forum Box Gallery, Helsinki.

Programmed all the year round with new or seminal work from artists working with moving image, FlatScreen is the digital plane that creates opportunity to move fast and react to new possibilities.

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(Image: IC-98, A View from the Other Side, 2011, animation detail)