January LAST Fridays: Svein Flygari Johansen and Jonny Bradley Artists Talk

Friday 27 January from 6pm

Live performance by Metamono at 9pm

Beaconsfield is delighted to host an evening when artist Svein Flygari Johansen returns to London to ask Am I making up what really happened?

A discussion with code maker Jonny Bradley will unpack their long-term collaboration and the marriage of digital revolution with landscape tradition in our current exhibition.


January LAST Fridays at Beaconsfield with Bankside Afterparty till late…

Svein Flygari Johansen: Am I making up what really happened?will be open for the evening viewing from 6-9pm.



The work illuminates themes of indigenous culture, capitalist meltdown, patriotism and global politics through a fusion of organic materials (sticks, stones, bacterial cultures, ammonium sulphate, oil) with complex computer programming. Code for all Flygari’s digital works is written by Jonny Bradley with whom he has collaborated since 2001.

In contrast, Metamono’s technopop combines art house with mosh pit, making purely electronic music which rejects digital technology. Their instinctive, improvised compositions are created using a selection of pre-used, borrowed and hand-built vintage analogue synths and ring modulators, enhanced by the ethereal sounds of a theremin, a siren and a valve radio.

Following the release of their new record on 23 January, Metamono will join us for an intimate performance. Watch the video here and look out for the upcoming review in MOJO.

Click here to read Rebecca Campbell’s review of the event for The New Scientist’s Culture Lab.

This evening programme forms part of the South London Art Map LAST Fridays late openings.
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Top: Svein Flygari Johansen, Måne (moon), 2011, image courtesy Beaconsfield and the artist
Lower: Svein Flygari Johansen & Jonny Bradley evening talk