idonthaveyourmarbles: I Want To Be In The Unfun Fair Too

Friday 26 July 2013 from 6pm
a special event for July LAST Fridays


idontthaveyourmarbles is an international project employing a pre-existing online economic framework (ebay), in an attempt to sell items of questionable worth.

This collaborative project is concerned with ideas of value and exchange, as well as the circulation and commodification of both de- and re-materialised goods and labour. It’s also interested in the viewer / visitor / shopper as potential and or actual purchaser required to invest something besides money to find worth.

A listing entitled “CLOSED” is generally available for purchase on ebay outside other idonthaveyourmarbles’ listings. i dont have your marbles event documentation

This event will include both online and offline elements. No prior knowledge of ebay is required. A paypal account can be useful but is not essential.

idonthaveyourmarbles is invited by Judith Dean, Beaconsfield’s current Phase artist in residence.


Simon Tyszko
I Want To Be In The Unfun Fair Too
for radio broadcast with special dead guests

The Unfun Fair expands in our Arch Space as Simon Tyszko develops new pieces within the second half of his kinetic installation. For this event the exhibition will host a sonic seance as the artist is joined by dead guests.

Simon Tyszko is notorious for disrupting his domestic life by installing a full-scale Dakota aeroplane wing in his West London flat, in acknowledgement of the events of 9/11. He is a regular broadcaster on Resonance FM.

Click here to view the sonic seance in The Unfun Fair on Vimeo.

I Want To Be In The Unfun Fair Too, LAST Friday event with SLAm Tour


The exhibition Bodil Furu: This bird has flown (ii) will be open for a late viewing during the event.

This event forms part of the South London Art Map LAST Fridays late openings.


Top: idonthaveyourmarbles
Lower: idonthaveyourmarbles, LAST Friday event documentation, July 2013
Bottom: Simon Tyszko, I Want To Be In The Unfun Fair Too, LAST Friday event documentation with SLAM Tour, July 2013
All images courtesy the artists and Beaconsfield

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