24 February – 8 May 2005
Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6pm
Preview Wednesday 23 February 6-9pm

Mark Dean, Peter Collis, Chiara Pirito, Chris Cornish, susan pui san lok, Mattias Härenstam, João Seguro, Zineb Sedira, Semiconductor

Lightsilver explores the physical, conceptual and historical impact of the landscape tradition on the ideas of contemporary artists.

An evolving montage of projections links the cinematic tradition of vista-making with the metaphoric potential of an age-old genre – the appearance of that portion of land which the eye can view at once. Territory that has been conventionally explored through other mediums is here broadly extended to the moving image as a result of the digital revolution.

Nine diverse artists – Algerian, British, Chinese, Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese – rotate new commissions across three spaces: each new work entering the sequence on one screen before proceeding to the next. The impact of every piece shifts with the new environment, as it forms a triptych of montaged space with other art-works within a rotating exhibition structure of eleven weeks.

Mark Dean launches the Lightsilver sequence with three new works on three screens.

Mark Dean 23 February – 13 March
Peter Collis 2 March* – 20 March
Chiara Pirito 9 March* – 27 March
Chris Cornish 16 March* – 3 April
susan pui san lok 23 March* – 10 April
Mattias Härenstam 30 March* – 17 April
João Seguro 6 April* – 24 April
Zineb Sedira 13 April* – 1 May
20 April*/ 27 April*/ 4 May* – 8 May

*Previews on consecutive Wednesdays until 8 May

For images and artists’ CV details please call 020 7582 6465.