Monica Ross: a celebration

13-14 June 2015 Beaconsfield | The British Library

60 Acts – Monica Ross and co-recitors 2008-13

The first complete screening of all 60 acts of memory by Monica Ross


13 June, 11am-8pm with drinks gathering from 5pm


Anniversary – the final act of memory

Andrew Michelson and co-reciters

The British Library

14 June 2pm


Please see here for Press Release and contact Gabriela Cala-Lesina for enquiries on 0207 582 6465 or


Over the weekend of 13-14 June 2015, the Monica Ross Action Group invites us to celebrate the life and work of pioneering artist Monica Ross.


As parliament debates whether to abolish the Human Rights Act, posterity may see Anniversary–an act of Memory as the seminal work of the late Monica Ross’ career. The work entailed sixty public recitations by the artist of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by memory, with sixty different communities across the UK and beyond.


On 13 June, the premier screening of video documentation of Monica Ross’ Anniversary—an act of memory solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a performance series in 60 Acts, Monica Ross and Co-Recitors 2008-2013 will be shown all day at Beaconsfield. Documentation of the hand-written scrolls signed by each participant, made as a record of each Act, will also be on display.


On 14 June, Andrew Michelson will lead an enactment of the work at the British Library marking the anniversary of Monica Ross’s death and the acquisition of her archive by The British Library within the context of the anniversary of the Magna Carta, Britain’s first iteration of human rights. This is an open recitation so please feel free to attend and/or choose an article to learn by heart and recite on the day. More information here.