Moral Plinth

18 October – 21 November 2004

A microphone, an audio line input, a video projector, a soapbox for free speech available to anybody. Beaconsfield invites you to use the Moral Plinth.

The inputs allow pre-recorded and live audio feeds, video and live speech. For multiple audio inputs it is advisable to bring an audio mixer, additional microphones and instruments. All contributions will be recorded and archived.

Activate the Moral Plinth Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment. To book a specific time-slot please email or telephone Julie Clark on +44 20 7582 6465.

The views expressed on the Moral Plinth are not neccessarily the views of the organiser. Beaconsfield reserves the right to alter the schedule where neccessary and to halt material that may cause offence.

Launch event Friday 15 October 6 – 11pm