Judith Dean – Phase 4: Talk

Saturday 9 November at 4pm

Judith Dean has long been concerned with ideas of value and exchange, territory and claiming. Here she proposes that “everything is already an image”, exploring implications of this for readings of both mediated and unmediated worlds. Remembering Ray Bradbury’s 1950’s sci-fi classic The Veldt, Dean imagines the surfaces of the venue as giant computer screens on which images function as pixels…

The images read both as flat, virtual spaces and physical things: some are torn, cut into, drawn on, have fallen on the floor. Both connected to and disconnected from the architecture. Pixels with a backside.

Judith Dean pitches an informal discussion around her exhibition of 30 new works, Phase 4.

Image: Judith Dean, Ode to the Shrunken Head of Sculpture (detail), laminated digital prints, Counter (shop counter, polyfilla, coloured pencil, 2003), sheepskin, blanket, foam, wood, 2013