PROVISIONAL CONDITIONS: Material Conjectures with Gary Woodley | Emily Motto

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we are are deeply saddened to announce the death of our friend Tony Carter, artist and current trustee of Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall. For further information please follow this link

5 October – 27 November 2016 (show extended until Sunday 11 December)

Material Conjectures with Gary Woodley (Arch Gallery)

Emily Motto (Upper Gallery)

Press Preview Friday 7 October 6-7pm followed by opening celebration

Material Conjectures and Emily Motto are innovative, early career artists working from different philosophical perspectives and linked here through the shared modernist working practice of subverting everyday materials to a new purpose, creating fresh sculptural entities. Whilst Motto works in an intuitive, sensual tradition with texture and colour as guiding principles, for this exhibition Material Conjectures work with a pre-determined concept rooted in political concerns – the ‘superadjacency’[1] of crisis architectures.

Showing in the same venue, in two vast galleries with diverse architectural features, two distinct environments emerge within these built spaces. For this project Material Conjectures have invited Gary Woodley to respond to their construction Abandoned Temporary Crisis Facility with his distinctive approach to articulating architectural space.

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Special Events

28 October at 6pm

The Big Draw Workshop with Gary Woodley and Emily Motto

Woodley is known for his redrawing of architectural spaces in a gallery context. He works in many three-dimensional media including architectural interventions using various lighting technologies. Motto’s installations are magical spaces through which the viewer travels and becomes absorbed in exotic surfaces and the play of interlinked forms.

19 November all day

Symposium: Heritage, Immigration and Temporary Fabrications: Abandoned Facilities & Housing Immigration with Material Conjectures, Andrea Delaplace and invited speakers.

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[1] ‘Superadjacency is the outcome of contradictory forces and violent pressures acting upon and against each other within the rigid framework of architectonic structures… “Superadjacency is inclusive rather than exclusive… Superadjacency can exist between distant elements.”’ Material Conjectures, 2015.