TestBed 1: Residencies

Anthony Gross
Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning
Pil and Galia Kollectiv
Joseph Walsh
Lilli Hartmann
Dafna Talmor

Upper Gallery 1, Canteen Gallery 2 & Arch Gallery 3

3 March – 18 July
Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

On-Site Residencies open to the public.

TestBed 1 reflects popular practice by commissioning six new digital screen-based works, to be made through readily available modes of production.

In an age when millions of viewers have access to the Internet, video cameras and home-editing suites, a circulated YouTube clip can become a conversational spectacle overnight and the public en masse has been enabled to become not only viewers but creators. As the creative process itself has become more democratic with accelerating digital technology, the traditional gulf between cinematic and lo-fi film production values has narrowed.

From March to late July commissioned artists will use Beaconsfield as a creative base in a series of residencies. Limited means of production, collaboration and audience participation, supported by the context of a professional art space will serve as a framework for the commissions. During this time the public is invited to witness the act of making art, as our galleries turn laboratories, turn performance and production sites. FlatScreen will provide a continuous interface with a programme of artists’ films and linked material screening in Canteen Gallery 2 throughout the period.

Residency Dates:

The full programme of new commissions produced will be screened in the exhibition TestBed 1.

TestBed 1 is produced as part of Beaconsfield’s curatorial mentoring scheme for emerging artist-curators. Mentees: Dafna Talmor and Joseph Walsh. Beaconsfield is the central London site dedicated to providing a critical space for creative enquiry.

Beaconsfield Commissions 2010

Image: TestBed 1: Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning, Rella, 2010, Residency view, Lucy Gunning filming, Upper Space