Robert Ellis

June/July 1996

Robert Ellis. One man show curated by Beaconsfield including drawings, photoworks and sound compositions.

Keg Work by Beaconsfield Artworks as part of Collectibles at Conducters Hallway, Camberwell.

Gargantua. Event from 12 noon-12 midnight, produced by Beaconsfield and curated by Nosepaint. A range of artists invited to work with gargantuan themes in a live event scheduled to complement the launch of Julian Stallabrass’ book Gargantua-Manufactured Mass Culture published by Verso. Orphan drift, Keith Arnatt, Uli Aigner, Polskadavians, Ronald Fraser Munro & Jeremy Blank, Patricia Scanlan, PUT PUT, Debbie Booth, Wayne LLoyd & Laurence Harvey, Trebor Scholtz, Strike.