Soundtrap I: Daniel Figgis’ DOPPLER

21 – 25 June 2006
Wednesday – Sunday 12-6pm
Preview Tuesday 20 June 6-9pm

Part of Architecture Week

Soundtrap is conceived by Beaconsfield as a new portfolio scheme for commissioning sonic works.

The first in this new series, Soundtrap I: Daniel Figgis’ DOPPLER, is an acoustic re-imagining of Beaconsfield’s unique space in Vauxhall. The DOPPLER sound installation is derived directly from a series of ambient sound recordings made within the three discrete galleries.

For the patient and attentive audience, passing from room to room will reveal the sonic reflux of the building itself, allowing them to create their own individual sound experience. This sonic exposure may be further developed through a free downloadable sound archive that will allow visitors to create and recreate their own personalised DOPPLER adaptations and archive. Please check back here soon for more details.

Composer and inter-media impresario, Figgis is best known in the UK for his acclaimed album Skipper, re-released in 2003 by Rough Trade Records Black Burst imprint. While his work is wide-ranging, Figgis’ most recent projects have been ambitious site-specific events such as Daniel Figgis’ MOTOR for the Kilkenny Arts Festival and Daniel Figgis’ TAMPER at the Dublin Fringe Festival. Forthcoming in 2006, Daniel Figgis’ THE BANQUET – a multi-media opera for FUSED Festival Dublin and Daniel Figgis’ POST-PRODUCTION at New York Winter Gardens, World Financial Center.

Daniel Figgis live at 1am (drums and sound grab with Enda Bates) at Mother of all Parties (summer solstice) 24 June 8pm-3am