The [Blank] Collective

with guests Kirsten Cooke, Mark McGowan and Alex Wolfe

Friday 16 March, from 12 noon

Presence & Absence
discussions on the intervention of censorship

We have long suspected that our purported freedom is deceptive and comes at a high cost. With the advent of Wikileaks, we can now also observe the effects that censorship has on our constructed reality and on the ‘truth’ that we are often coerced to accept…

Join us on Friday 16 March at 7.30pm to discuss the effect censorship might be having on our lives with Kirsten Cooke and members of the collective.

Presence & Absence is presented by University of Kent’s 2nd Year Fine Art BA (hons) and forms part of Beaconsfield’s learning strand Mentor, our programme of talks, teaching, mentoring and work experience.