The Origin of Life by Dean Kenning

20 March – 28 April 2019

Wednesday – Sunday, 11-5pm

Preview Friday 22 March 6-8pm

In the beginning was the machine…

The beautiful old creaking floors of the former Lambeth Ragged School are brought into play with an interactive sound installation, where flaccid rubber ‘fingers’ concoct random symphonies triggered by the movement of visitors in an automated parody of creative autonomy and vitalist impulses.

Dean Kenning explores political and philosophical material through kinetic sculptures, videos and diagrams, often employing DIY, allegorical and autodidactic methods and modes of representation to engender visceral, uncanny and humorous encounters.

Listen to Dean Kenning’s Stuck Machines: the artist in conversation with Emma Hart at Beaconsfield, Vauxhall on 27.04.2019


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