The RRAAF Debate: Shifting Power

The RRAAF Debate as part of Harnessing the Wind

Shifting Power: systems change in arts funding to support and encourage politicised practice

Saturday 14 November 2015, 4-6pm

FREE but RSVP essential:
Once set up, the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund aims to be a new and autonomous alternative funding scheme for art-activist projects in the UK. The RRAAF Debate at Beaconsfield invites artists, activists and speakers from New Economics Foundation and Artquest to discuss the necessity, possibility and the practicalities of systemic change in arts funding.

• Leah Borromeo (journalist & activist)
• Elizabeth Cox (New Economics Foundation)
Ellie Harrison (artist & RRAAF initiator)
• Russell Martin (artist & Artquest)

The Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund is being developed by artist Ellie Harrison with support from Beaconsfield London & CCA Glasgow. The project concept and Kickstarter fundraising campaign is being launched as part of the Harnessing the Wind exhibition at Beaconsfield (7 October – 28 November 2015).

RRAAF will use a wind turbine to generate energy to fund a ‘no strings attached’ grant scheme for art-activist projects.