Rainmaking (Sateentekijät) with Tytti Arola

Tytti Arola in collaboration with Tuula Närhinen:


  1. Vettä
  2. Räntää
  3. Lunta

for hands and gloves



hands (1 – ∞ performers)

nitrile coated working gloves

dishwashing gloves

nitrile rubber gloves

woolen mittens

leather gloves


music stands


Info about the piece

Sateentekijät (Rainmakers) is an installation and composition for hands and gloves. The piece contains three movements: Vettä, Räntää and Lunta. Each of the movements gives an interpretation of weather conditions by mimicking the sounds of rain, sleet and snow through simple and relatable hand gestures. The actions create soundscapes which are emphasized and varied by using gloves made of different materials.

The piece exists as an installation and it can be performed. The installation consists of the three movements printed and displayed on three music stands with cyanotypes of rain created by Närhinen. In addition, each music stand includes a stopwatch and gloves (according to the instrumentation of each movement) attached to the stand. The installation enables the spectator to engage with the piece through sonic imitation of different downpours.

The piece can be performed as a solo or by a group of people. Each performer needs a pair of the gloves listed above. If the piece is performed by an ensemble, the performers spread into the concert venue to create a spatial soundscape. The number of music stands with stopwatches is decided according to the size of the venue and the number of performers.

The piece is a collaboration between composer Tytti Arola and visual artist Tuula Närhinen. The concept of rainmaking with clapping hands together was initiated by Närhinen and the idea was developed further into a musical composition by Arola.

The installation is part of Närhinen’s exhibition DEEP TIME DEPOSITS: Tidal Impressions of the River Thames at Beaconsfield, London 26.2.–5.4.2020.

The composition was due to be premiered on 5.4.2020 at Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall by a volunteer hand choir lead by Arola, but will now be premiered online on the same date.


Watch | Composer Tytti Arola plays Rain, Sleet, Snow