Stephen Sutcliffe

Stephen Sutcliffe (b.1968, Harrogate) is an artist who lives and works in Yorkshire. Recent solo exhibitions include, You Can Come in But You Won’t Like it, Rob Tufnell 2023, High Windows, Dead Birds, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2019). Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs, Talbot Rice Edinburgh, Twixt Cup and Lip, Hepworth Wakefield (2017), Going Over, Rob Tufnell, London (2015), Outwork and Workings Out, Tramway, Glasgow (2013). In 2018 he participated in the Manchester International Festival in colaboration with Graham Eatough on a film for the Whitworth Gallery No End to Enderby, for which they won the Contemporary Arts Society Award. He has been shortlisted for the Jarman Award twice and in 2012 he won the Margaret Tait Award. In 2019 he had two books published published, ‘at Fifty’ (Sternberg Press) a monograph and ‘Much Obliged, (Book Works) a kind of autobiography. He has recently curated an exhibition of items from the Herbert Read Archive at the Brotherton Library in Leeds University with the arts group Pavillion, which was accompanied by a new video, ‘City of Dreadful Something’.



 Date tbc                                     Lindsay Anderson Centenary, BFI, Southbank, London


PROJECTS (since 2010)



October 2023                             ‘You Can Come in But You Won’t Like It’, Rob Tufnell, London

June 2019                                   ‘High Windows, Dead Birds’, Kunstlerhaus, Stuttgart

October 2018                              ‘Twixt Cup and Lip’, Heong Gallery, Cambridge Film Festival

April 2018                                   ‘No End To Enderby’, Glasgow International

July 2017                                     ‘Sex Symbols in Sandwich Signs’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

June 2017                                    ‘No End To Enderby’, Whitworth Gallery Manchester

June 2016                                    ‘Twixt Cup and Lip’, Calder Space, Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

March 2015                                 ‘Going Over’, Rob Tufnell, London

June 2013.                                   ‘Outwork and Workings Out’, Solo Exhibition, Tramway, Glasgow

February 2012                            ‘The Herbivores’, Rob Tufnell, London

August 2011                                ‘Runaway, Success’, Stills, Edinburgh

October 2010                               Zilkha Auditorium, Whitechapel Gallery, London


July 2021                                    ‘The Holding Environment’, Chapter II, Bonner Kunstverien, Germany

February 2017                           ‘Screen Memory’, Simon Lee Gallery, London

September 2015                         Christopher Logue: Poster Poems, Rob Tufnell, London

October 2015                             ‘Survival Is Not Enough’, Rodeo Gallery, London

July 2015                                    ‘Paul’s Case’, Out of Focus (online platform)

May 2015                                    ‘Film Montage’, Coreana Museum of Art, South Korea

March 2015                                ‘Container and Contained’, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Germany

March 2015                                 Group Show, Micky Schubert, Berlin

November 2014                         ‘Down Where Changed’, Cubitt, London

October 2014                             ‘The Reluctant Narrator’, Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon, Portugal

March 2014                                “For as Long as You Like”, Group Show, Gaudel De Stampa, Paris

June 2014                                   ‘Generation’, Tramway, Glasgow

November 2013                         ‘Assembly’, Tate Britain, London

July 2013                                    ‘If Not Always Permanently’, Spike Island, Bristol

January 2013                              Rotterdam Film Festival

December 2012                          ‘Desire Lines’, ACCA, Melbourne, Australia

May 2012                                     Lux Biennale, ICA, London

September 2011                         ‘Outrageous Fortune’, Hayward Gallery London /Focal Point Southend

July 2010                                     Joint show with Humphrey Spender, Rob Tufnell, London

March 2010                                 ‘Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree’, Galerie Micky Schubert, Berlin

February 2010                            ‘Project 35’, Hans Ulrich Obrist / Independent Curators International (touring)



September 2019                        ‘Art in an Electric Atmosphere’, with Pavillion, Leeds University



October 2020                              ‘It was a lover and his lass’, online,

October 2020                               Stanley Picker Public Lectures, online,



May 2015                                   ‘Short Form’ at SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montréal

May 2015                                    Videoex-Zurich

March 2015                                Moving Picture: Artists’ Films from the Film London Jarman Award

March 2014                                Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

January 2014                             Northern Film and Media, Baltic, Newcastle

October 2013                              Experimenta, London Film Festival

February 2013                            Margaret Tait Award Premiere, Glasgow Film Theatre

June 2012                                    Belfast Film Festival

January 2012                              Rotterdam Film Festival

December 2011                          ‘Alma Mater’, Lux, (Touring)

May 2010                                     International Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany



February 2017                             ‘Screen Memory’, Royal Academy, London

November 2016                          The Model, Sligo, Republic of Ireland

May 2015                                     ‘Talkback’, LUX Associates, Dundee Contemporary Arts

April 2015                                     Goldsmiths College of Art, London

June 2013                                     Guest Speaker, LUX Associates, London

February 2013                             University of Warwick

October 2012                               ‘Bringing the Dead to Life’, Bookworks at Edinburgh Printmakers

June 2012                                     Happy Hypocrite, “Interview”, Showroom, London

May 2012                                      ‘Television Delivers People’, ICA, London

November 2011                           Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

October 2011                               ‘Log-rolling’, Stills, Edinburgh

October 2011                               Eastside Projects, Birmingham

June 2011                                     Guest Speaker, LUX Associates, London

June 2011                                     Whitechapel Gallery, London

April 2011                                     ‘Thinking Through Cinema’, LUX/Tramway, Glasgow

November 2010                           Art Basel Miami Beach, Creative Time/Tramway, Oceanfront Nights



November 2015                           Winner of Contemporary Art Society Award with Graham Eato and Whitworth Gallery Manchester

February – June 2014               BBC Artists and Archives Residency, BBC Scotland

September  2014                         Jarman Award Nominee

March 2014                                  BBC Scotland, Artists Residency

September 2013                          Creative Scotland Artist Bursary

December 2012                           ‘Random Acts’, Channel 4

May 2012                                      Margaret Tait Award Winner

January 2011                               Elephant Trust Grant

October 2010                               ‘Three Minute Wonders’, Channel 4

February 2010                             195 Collaborations, Serpentine Gallery, London

June 2012                                     Frieze Film Commission

September 2009                          Jarman Award Nominee

July 2009                                      Contemporary Art Society Award Nominee

December 2008                           Scottish Arts Council Film and Video Grant



October 2020                                    No End To Enderby, Lux, London

March 2019                                       ‘Much Obliged’, publication with Book Works, London

May 2019                                           ‘Sutcliffe at 50’ publication with Sterberg/Talbot Rice

August 2017                                       Guardian, Tuesday 1

September 2016                                Art Monthly No 399

September 2013                                Frieze, Issue 157

October 2011                                     Art Monthly, Issue 350

June 2010                                          ‘The Happy Hypocrite’, Issue 5

April 2010                                          Frieze, Issue 130

March 2010                                       Art Review, Issue 39

February-March 2010                     Mousse, Issue 22

January-February 2010                  Frieze, Issue 128

November-December 2009           Kaleidoscope Issue 4

Autumn 2009                                   Map, Issue 19

September 2008                              ‘Nought to Sixty’, Institute of Contemporary Arts

December-January 2008/2009    Art Monthly, Issue 322


Represented by                                Rob Tufnell, London

                                                             LUX, London