Xiangyin Gu

Xiangyin Gu

It Says Forget

Photographic Collage Installation

50 individual images combining into a large on-wall piece of installation in the form of photographic collage.

It Says Forget is a continuation of the project Fragmented Ocean. It combines the elements of fragmented nature of images and seeks to convey the underlying parts of the screened memory.

Freud wrote about screen memory and pointed out how one could only memorise tangibly visual yet insignificant details of specific scenes or settings without recalling the actual events. Memory is the beginning of everything as well as the ending of everything. The fountain square is the mid station in life. The trivial parts of memories are representatives of the screen itself, the screen then serves to be the tools to protect ourselves.

By surrendering our memories to the sea, through recognizing the screening nature of memory. We reveal the reality not by telling the callous truth but through piecing together the fabrics of webs in the most gentle manner. Rather than creating an unlived memory, I aim to seek the sense of living in memory.