artists investing in the future

Fraternise is a fundraising scheme established in 2005 to reflect Beaconsfield’s core values and nurture a community of artists who demonstrate their support in practical terms.

Fraternising artists can play a key role in enabling Beaconsfield to provide an ambitious programme of residencies, exhibitions and events — on and off-site — by practically providing the potential to secure Beaconsfield’s future.

Fraternising artists have the power to propose mutually supportive events such as lectures, seminars or peer feedback sessions, on the premises of Beaconsfield and taking advantage of the administrative infrastructure. Proposals to be agreed with the curatorial team.

Why support Beaconsfield?

Within the art-world, Beaconsfield occupies a niche between the institution, the commercial and the ‘alternative’. The charity has provided a laboratory and presentation space for artists since 1995 earning a reputation as …one of the most radical and exciting spaces in London (Mark Waugh, Arts Consultant).

Beaconsfield independently raises all funds to support its projects and maintains a large and unique venue in the former Lambeth Ragged School.

Beaconsfield has a unique place in London’s cultural landscape. It is distinguished by its history of providing a forum for extraordinary events and exhibitions, stimulating passionate, candid and robust debate about art’s production and its ideological underpinnings, as well as providing a much-needed locus for the thriving artistic community in which it sits. If Beaconsfield didn’t exist, it would have to be invented!

Sheena Wagstaff, Former Chief Curator, Tate Modern. Chairman, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The Beaconsfield Collection

The Collection has been established to help raise funds specifically for projects. Fraternising artists pledge art works to be held in trust as assets for the organisation.

Why become part of the Beaconsfield Collection?

Beaconsfield’s curatorial team has a long track record of delivering new work from artists at all stages of their careers. Beaconsfield specialises in encouraging artists to pursue projects of ambition and to experiment, stretching the boundaries of their experience and discipline, without commercial pressure.

The Beaconsfield Collection is part of Beaconsfield’s identity, reflecting the organisation’s ethos and the quality and diversity of its artistic projects. All work offered to the Collection is subject to curatorial approval.

Fraternise – the Salon

Fraternise – the Salon gathers a cohort of artists in a curated, fundraising exhibition, to support the future existence of Beaconsfield. The Salon brings together collaborators, patrons and protégés who have worked with Beaconsfield or who support its role in the artists’ community.

The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view a diverse range of contemporary works (many artists exhibiting together for the first time) and to expand or start a collection. Sales will benefit both participating artists and Beaconsfield.

Fraternise – the Salon is an occasional event curated as part of the Fraternise fundraising scheme.


Beaconsfield is grateful to all artists in the Fraternise scheme for their generous support and for participating in the artists’ community that keeps Beaconsfield thriving.