Projects - 1996

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Maps Elsewhere

March 1996 Exhibition produced and curated in collaboration with the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) bringing together new commissioned work by artists concerned with ideas about maps and mapping. Jo Stockham & Deborah Levy, Chris Ofili, Alistair Raphael, Anne Tallentire, Beaconsfield Artworks.

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis. One man show curated by Beaconsfield including drawings, photoworks and sound compositions.

Keg Work by Beaconsfield Artworks as part of Collectibles at Conducters Hallway, Camberwell.

Gargantua. Event from 12 noon-12 midnight, produced by Beaconsfield and curated by Nosepaint. A range of artists invited to work with gargantuan themes in a live event scheduled to complement the launch of Julian Stallabrass’ book Gargantua-Manufactured Mass Culture published by Verso. Orphan drift, Keith Arnatt, Uli Aigner, Polskadavians, Ronald Fraser Munro & Jeremy Blank, Patricia Scanlan, PUT PUT, Debbie Booth, Wayne LLoyd & Laurence Harvey, Trebor Scholtz, Strike.


15th-16th August 1996 Event taking place at St Thomas’ Hospital, produced by Beaconsfield and curated by Nosepaint: a collaboration between invited artists, the management, staff and patients of St Thomas’ Hospital and Beaconsfield to intervene, record and comment upon the ongoing battle with mortality over a cycle of 24 hours. The project takes place to celebrate the launch of the Guys and St Thomas’ Sleep Centre, the first unit for research, diagnosis and treatment of the full range of sleep disorders. Work includes performance, site-specific installation, video and sound by Kirsty Alexander & Paul Burwell, Anne Bean, John Carson, Sarah Cole, David Cunningham, Bruce Gilchrist, Matthias Jackisch, Michal Klega, Rona Lee, Alastair Maclennan, Guillaume Paris, Sonja Zelic.

Soap Opera (feast)

September 1996 Soap Opera (feast), by Beaconsfield Artworks and guests as part of BANK TV, RAX. The first group show of contemporary Finnish art in London. Co-produced with MUU ry. The Finnish artists all show internationally and are amongst the most acknowledged in their country. The show includes work in public space in the neighborhood of the gallery and offers, on the one hand, an extrovert, up-front approach to contemporary fast culture and, on the other, darker, more contemplative insights into present day paradigms. Eija Liisa Ahtila, Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, Pia Lindman, Pekka Niskanen, Roi Vaara.



site-specific project for bus shelter, Tottenham Court Road, London. Commissioned by FAT as part of Roadworks.

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Rude Mechanic
Pan sonic, Hayley Newman & David Crawforth

November 1996 Project concerned with the visualisation of sound; conceived by David Crawforth, co-founder of Nosepaint and Beaconsfield, Hayley Newman and Finnish sound duo Pan sonic. Collaborators include squarepusher, Jimi Tenor, Simon Fisher Turner, Kaffe Matthews, David Cunningham and Susan Stenger.

Co-conceived and co-curated by Naomi Siderfin

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