B_T5 Ioana Marinescu PAST PRESENT

Ioana Marinescu in residence 23 March – 9 April 2021

For the past three weeks, Ioana Marinescu has worked in real life with the dynamics of Beaconsfield’s Upper Gallery, bringing other photographic archives into relationship with its specific architecture and history. With a background in architecture and a practice of photography, Ioana Marinescu works with large images in public spaces, projections and live actions. Gestures of power and acts of displacement are re-enacted through archival imagery and testimonies.She has been joined, at distance and on different occasions, by choreographer Hanna Gillgren and artist Elena Andreea Teleaga to develop aspects of their own research in collaboration.

See Visual Diary hereThe residency culminates in a filmed discussion probing Marinescu’s themes of erasure and power, with Magda Stroe, Acting Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Beaconsfield’s co-Director Naomi Siderfin.