Society (Japanese Immigration Control), gur(:)n (YU, SAM2, Yumi Hara aKa DJ Anakonda, Tomomi Adachi, Michiyoshi Isozaki) plus special guests

(Japanese immigration control)

Friday 26 November 2004
7pm onwards

A novel evening of live performance, live music and video within an interactive Japanese environment.

YU, the leading member of female Japanese artist group gur(:)n, brings a new version of issued – your visa to the heaven to Beaconsfield’s Society club in Vauxhall. A group of uniformed Japanese assistants will control entrance to Society with an immigration control unit. YU has requested the following from all potential members – Please bring your passport to gain entry. Failure to produce your passport will require purchase of either a limited edition united heaven passport (£4.20), or a temporary pass (20p) with additional interviews in a small room. Not only is she serious about processing every person wishing to gain entry to Society and to interrogate them for non-compliance, but also about creating an ethereal world behind the immigration booth – inhabited with the smells, sounds and delicacies of a quirky superimposed Japanese Eden.

Featuring international contributions from:

Live solo noise performance
SAM2 Pronounced ‘Samni’ flown in especially from Japan.
Described as ‘the future of music’ and ‘SAM by the way, is an acronym for “Super Anal Machine”. God I love those crazy Japanese.’ David Frazier reviewing the Spring Scream Monkey Festival, Taipei, China, April 2004. SAM2 is a noise musician working with electronics – playing sine wave and noise music controlled by his body movement via a PDA and PC, and recently incorporating the Mongolian Khoomii into his live act. He lives and works in Tokyo and has performed at clubs, art galleries, Festivals and Zen temples in Japan and abroad.

Live solo vocal performance with electronics plus dj set
Yumi Hara aKa DJ Anakonda
Yumi Hara practised as a psychiatrist in Japan for eight years before moving to the UK in 1993. She regularly gives improvised performances as a solo vocalist with electronics, is a member of the performance-art girlband Frank Chickens, an active drum’n’bass dj, and is writing a PhD in composition at City University. She appeared in David Toop’s CD “Pink Noir” (Virgin, AMBT18) as lead vocal. Her music has been performed by, among others, Ensemble Bash, the Paragon Ensemble, CHROMA, Trio Japan and the Smith Quartet in concerts and festivals in the UK and Japan. She is producing drum’n’bass tracks with DJ T-AK (Hexion) as well as solo.

Video – Kuchi (2004) and Gourd (2004)
Tomomi Adachi
Tomomi Adachi has recently focused his activities on solo performance (with voice, computer, self-made instruments), sound poetry and video. He has composed works for his own group Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus – a punk-style choir, as well as performing works by John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Dieter Schnebel and Takahashi Yuji. He is the only performer of sound poetry in Japan performing the Japanese premiere of Kurt Schwitters’s Ursonate. Inventor of the ‘Tomomin’, a hand made electronic instrument, he has performed with numerous musicians including Jeep Blonk, Carl Stone, Erhart hirt, Butch Morris, Jon Rose, and Otomo Yoshihide in Japan, the United States and Europe.

Video – the life of Mop (2004)
Michiyoshi Isozaki
Michiyoshi Isozaki is well known for interactive performances and workshops. Between 2001-2002 he took part in the P.S.1/MoMA International Studio Program in New York and recently exhibited hide-and-seek in Yokohama at BankART1929, Yokohama, Japan, 2004. For Society Isozaki will present the UK premiere of the life of Mop.

Plus special guests

Sushi and bar.

Entry £5 (£3 concessions) with valid passport
Price includes £1 Society membership.*
Please bring your passport to gain entry. Failure to produce your passport will require purchase of either a united heaven passport (£4.20), or a temporary pass (20p) with additional interviews in a small room.

*Society is a membership club that offers its members regular access to good films, good music, good wine, good food, good discussion and good company.