Society (Pizzeria Gestione Familiare), Andrea Crociani and Anna Best

(Pizzeria Gestione Familiare)

Friday 25 June 2004
Restaurant open from 7pm onwards

For one evening Beaconsfield will be turned into an Italian Pizzeria by two local artists – Andrea Crociani and Anna Best.

Menu: pizza margherita, pizza rucola e parmigiano, pizza tonno e cipolle.

During the evening a number of presentations will take place about alternative approaches to politics, sport, music and pedagogy.


Pennie Quinton, media activist, Indymedia UK and international IMCs, London –

Lise Autogena, Martin Cottis, Rufus Moore, Charlie Tymms from Downings Roads Moorings, London –

William Tutler, kayaker, London –

Yusuf Erbil, Baglama player and Soner Golbaf, Kaval player, London

Mine Kaylan, The Leleg Institute, Turkey/UK –

Entry £6 (£4 concessions)
Price includes £1 annual Society membership*
Pizza from £4

*Society is a membership club that offers its members regular access to good films, good music, good wine, good food, good discussion and good company.