Society (with Cocktail), Alan Donaldson, Samson Paul, (nobleandsilver), Wertus, Sav, The Hands, Charlie Gillan + very special guests.

Friday 15 July 2005 7pm onwards

An evening of bespoke Cocktails, Music, Magic & Comedy. Alan Donaldson & Samson Paul, Director’s of with, present ex-clients (nobleandsilver), Wertus, Sav, The Hands, Charlie Gillan + very special guests.

Resting somewhere between alternative comedy, performance art and corporate presentation with appropriates the distinct visual language of a ‘self-help’ business. Based at the corporation has responded to contemporary cultural trends by offering a number of ‘products’ that encourage potential clients to simulate work, creativity, criminality, celebrity and mystery. The business is not ‘real’ and is not ‘fake’  it instead retains the autonomy of an art practice, enabling the enterprise to take decisions and create products that rest outside conventional corporate parameters.

Entry £5 (£4 concessions)
Price includes £1 annual Society membership*
Sushi from £4
Dress to Impress

*Society is a membership club that offers its members regular access to good films, good music, good wine, good food, good discussion and good company.