Society (necronautical), Tom McCarthy, Neil Gordon-Orr, Stewart Home, Jem Finer, Melissa McCarthy.

“We the First committee of the International Necronautical Society, declare the following:- 1. ~That death is a type of space, which we intend to map, enter, colonise and, eventually, inhabit…”

For 7 April, The International Necronautical Society (INS) makes seven Degree Zero propositions in the spirit of a nineteenth century Anarchist club. Contributors have been picked up hanging around Greenwich Observatory and include
Tom McCarthy (General Secretary, INS), Stewart Home (art terrorist), Jem Finer (ex Pogues, artist), Neil Gordon-Orr and Melissa McCarthy (Chief Obituary Editor, INS). A Society membership event.

Entry £5 (£4 concessions)
Price includes £1 annual Society membership*

To book places or for more information, please contact
Beaconsfield on T: 020 75826465 or E:

* Society is a membership club that offers its members regular access to good films, good music, good wine, good food, good discussion and good company.