Joining the collection

The artist:

  • discusses pledging a unique piece of work to the Collection with Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall (BGV)
  • once the offer is agreed, makes a pledge in writing
  • provides BGV with a digital image and description of the work, with CV and details of commercial representatives
  • keeps the work in reserve for Beaconsfield.


  • catalogues the work
  • adds the work to the permanent online Collection display
  • may hold occasional auctions or exhibitions of contemporary art
  • may accept offers on the open market.

Mutual Benefits:

  • In the event of the sale of an initial donation, contributors have the opportunity to replenish the collection. 20% of the sale price of any subsequent donation will be returned to the artist.
  • Fraternising artists have the power to propose mutually supportive events such as lectures, seminars or peer feedback sessions, on the premises of BGV and taking advantage of the administrative infrastructure. Proposals to be agreed with the curatorial team.

BGV is grateful to all artists in the Fraternise scheme for their generous support and for participating in the artists’ community that keeps BGV thriving.